The Freedom Players

Why Participate as a Freedom Player

You need to become a Freedom Player if you believe in improving the lives of ordinary people and want to free us from the lower standard of living, exploitation and fraud that commercialized gambling spreads. People like you are the reason why Freedom Players always win.

What is a Freedom Player

Our action is simple but powerful. We enter a local casino (or local gambling venue,) sit down at an electronic gambling machine, put in our money and then we begin Freedom Playing.

Freedom Playing means you play the machine any way you want except you don’t press the Play button. While we Freedom Play, some of us talk with a friend, some read a book and some even knit. The ideas and fun are almost limitless.

While you are Freedom Playing, you may also want to ask casino staff some essential questions such as how do electronic gambling machines work; why does the casino give away “free slots play” to citizens; will I ultimately lose all of my money if I play these machines for a length of time; etc. You get the idea.

Once you are done Freedom Playing, you will hit the cash out button on the machine and receive a paper voucher that you will present to the Cashier’s Window to receive your winnings.

Here are the few steps it takes to be a Freedom Player along with some sample questions you can ask.

What The Freedom Players Aim to Achieve

We use our freedom to play these machines in such a way that:

  • Spotlights how predatory gambling is lowering the standard of living for ordinary citizens by redistributing their wealth to the rich
  • Sends a message to the 2/3 of citizens who rarely use predatory gambling that they are paying higher taxes for less services because of this massive fraud
  • Amplifies the voices of all citizens who continue to fight for a future better than the one predatory gambling offers us.

All Freedom Players Need to Bring the Following:

  • A $5.00 bill or larger (not surprisingly, many slot machines require that you insert at least a $5 bill even though you may be playing a penny slot machine)
  • Bring a Valid Photo I.D. (All participants need to be 21 years old or older to enter the casino.)
  • Something to do while “Freedom Playing” (i.e. a book, knitting, drawing, etc.)
  • Please bring at least one other person with you, a family member, friend or co-worker.

If you need more info, contact us at mail[at]

Below is a brief video of the first Freedom Players action from back in January 2008. We were rookies then.




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