National Week of Action to Stop Predatory Gambling, Sept. 23-29, 2018

To highlight the voices and stories of the millions of Americans who have been severely hurt by government-sanctioned gambling, we are organizing the National Week of Action to Stop Predatory Gambling, Sept. 23-29, 2018.

We will publicize our mission to improve the lives of the American people, freeing us of the lower standard of living, exploitation and fraud that commercialized gambling spreads.

At least 100 actions will be happening across America and the world during the week. 

We are calling for 100% participation from you and everyone who wants a future better than the one predatory gambling offers us.This is the first time that thousands of citizens across the US and the world have all acted together to confront the unjust and dishonest policy of predatory gambling.

Do your part. Please commit two hours to participate locally in some way during the week of 9/23-9/29. If you can’t commit the time, then please participate by making a gift of $25 or more tax-deductible to support our work locally.

You can sign up online at this link, and then share the link with your email and social media networks.

Possible Actions Include: The “action” can be anything you (or your group) want it to be. It could be a prayer vigil, a sign-holding visibility with homemade signs, participating in a “Freedom Players” event at a regional casino (or at a local restaurant/tavern with video gambling machines)…the ideas are limitless.

Here is a sample media advisory that you can send out to state and local media in advance of your action.

Also, here is a brief, effective guide that we put together with the Alabama group about how to organize a prayer vigil in your place of worship that weekend.

If you want to stop the policy of predatory gambling in your region, then you personally need to act. Don’t think it will happen without your sacrifice because it won’t. To phase it out in your community, you need to stop it in your state. To stop it in your state, you need to stop it nationally.

Les BernalNational Week of Action to Stop Predatory Gambling, Sept. 23-29, 2018