Predatory Gambling Liability Project

Major lasting reform to improve the lives of the American people will require successful litigation against the major harms caused by commercialized gambling operators.

While changing the legal environment for most businesses can be accomplished through legislative and regulatory approaches, our government fails to protect citizens from the excesses of commercialized gambling. Why? Because both government and their corporate gambling partners profit so greatly at the expense of those being harmed. Much of the harm is inflicted by industry design. Government, with its primary focus on maximizing profits, is complicit.

Litigation offers the most promising means to change the legal environment. For this reason, we’ve been building a national network of talented attorneys from across the nation as part of our Predatory Gambling Liability Project. 

Litigation helps to denormalize harmful conduct and change the social and legal environment. Over time, denormalization of gambling industry practices will facilitate success in court. Even where cases are not immediately successful, social progress emerges through litigation, literally, by trial and error. Media attention about the issue and its predatory practices serves an important purpose in its own right.  Litigation also will help to encourage current or former industry insiders to come forward to share what they know in subsequent cases.

A variety of approaches are considered in developing successful lawsuits to change industry and government practices, to compensate victims for health and financial losses incurred due to the commercial gambling industry’s purposefully harmful and negligent conduct, and, where appropriate, to punish particularly egregious behaviors. Facts and theories supporting products liability, consumer protection, unjust enrichment, breach of implied warranty of merchantability, quo warranto, defective design, failure to warn, negligence, class actions, and other legal approaches to litigation must be researched, developed, and considered in a variety of jurisdictions.

For a national legal movement to stop predatory gambling to continue to grow, we need to add more financial resources and enlist additional attorneys.

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