Take a Gambling Break & Bank Your $$$ Saturday, September 29, 2018

On Saturday, Sept. 29, 2018, any citizen who participates in commercialized gambling is invited to stop gambling for one day then take the money they would have spent and put it into a bank.

And if anyone has a loved one who is an active gambler, we urge them to participate by being their sponsor. As a sponsor, their role is to help the person stay away from gambling for the day, encourage them to put their money in the bank (or if they don’t have a bank account, direct them on how to create one,) and help them participate in other activities to substitute for gambling.

Campaign Goals

  • To help connect in the public’s mind the widespread promotion and availability of extreme forms of commercialized gambling with the financial hardship and lack of opportunity facing millions of American families today.
  • To educate Americans on the truth that financial security occurs most often from the act of regularly saving small sums of money over the long-term.
  • To offer an opportunity for gambling operators to acknowledge they have a duty of care to citizens.
  • To offer family members and friends a way to start a conversation about gambling with the people they love.

History of “Take a Gambling Break & Bank Your $$$”

The effort first began in Oregon more than twenty years ago, growing out of the work of Stop Predatory Gambling members Ronda Hatefi and Oregonians for Problem Gambling Awareness. Ronda’s brother Bobby Hafemann took his life because he became addicted to electronic gambling machines pushed by Oregon state government.

Ronda has organized a day in Oregon every year on September 29th, her late brother’s birthday, to spotlight the serious harm the state’s gambling machines were having on citizens.

Her efforts have now evolved into the national effort to “Take a Gambling Break & Bank Your $$$,” adding an important emphasis on how saving money and building assets is critical to an individual’s financial security.

CkirbyTake a Gambling Break & Bank Your $$$ Saturday, September 29, 2018