Become a National Victims Advocate

National Victim Advocates are ordinary citizens who have been harmed by government-sanctioned predatory gambling.Their life story provides them a powerful moral authority to speak out.

They have come forward to publicly demand reform and issue a call for no taxation by exploitation.

The powerful stories of our Victim Advocates continue to force many people who heard them to confront the injustice of this policy within their own conscience.

They also give voice to those who have been harmed by gambling operators, especially those harmed by slot machines.

Their Message

In delivering their message, our National Victim Advocates aim to focus on three specific points:

  • How government-sanctioned gambling, especially slot machines, defrauds and exploits citizens;
  • How government-sanctioned gambling plays a key role in blocking many ordinary Americans from getting a fair opportunity to get ahead and improve their economic standing;
  • Make a public call for government-sanctioned gambling to be phased out, especially because we believe the life of every person has intrinsic value and no one is expendable.

How They Spread the Message

They deliver this message to the public by:

  • Speaking at local civic and faith group meetings
  • Interviewing with media
  • Testifying before legislative and other governmental bodies
  • Appearing before college and high school audiences
  • Communicating through social media
  • Helping to recruit and mentor other citizens who have been harmed by this policy to go out and speak on behalf of this cause.

If you want to make change happen, participate by becoming a Victim Advocate in your local region. Please contact us at mail[at]

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