Get the Word Out

7 Recommendations to Generate Media for Citizen Action

  1. Develop a short but broad Mission Statement that clearly identifies what needs to be done.
  2. Have a great slogan.
  3. Have a clear plan of what should be done. Include having an alternative vision to predatory gambling ready to go and when relevant, draft potential legislation.
  4. Publish widely. Create a citizen action website, a blog, a Facebook group, a Youtube channel to post and link relevant videos, a Twitter feed, newsletters and hand outs for meetings.
  5. Get published widely. Write newspaper opinion pieces. Solicit radio, TV and newspaper interviews
  6. Create speaking events – invite a keynote speaker. Ask to speak at local events and meetings. Go to public hearings
  7. Ensure the media understands your efforts are single-minded about our mission, not personality or ego. Makes it easier for allies to advocate for the cause.
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