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Gamblers in Ohio have lost $9.7 billion over four years

John Oliver Spotlights the Injustice of State Lotteries

“No Taxation By Exploitation:” Les Bernal Testifies Before Congress

The U.S. has a lottery problem. But it’s not the people buying tickets.

In System With Little Oversight, Connecticut’s Biggest Lottery Winners Often Pay Huge Price

Gambling Away Our Moral Capital By William Galston and David Wasserman

Warren Buffett Speaks Out Against Government-Sanctioned Gambling

Survey finds just 4% of gambling profits derived from casual gamblers

Columbia School of Public Health declares gambling addiction as one of the biggest health issues in America

Newspaper series spotlights predatory and fraudulent business practices of Oregon Lottery

The Relationship Between State Lotteries and Government Assistance Payments

Behind the Human Urge to Gamble

2 Out of 5 Low-Income Americans Believe the Lottery is the Best Way to Build Wealth

Study finds strong link between lottery sales and poverty

The State Lottery: A Failure of Policy and Ethics

Oregon launched an aggressive advertising campaign to promote the Lottery’s highly-addictive electronic gambling machines

Slot Machines Near Misses Are Perfectly Tuned to Stoke the Addiction

80% of Lottery Profits Come From 10% of the Players

National Report Concludes That Predatory Gambling Worsens Long-Term Budget Problems

Why the Poor Play the Lottery Even More When Times Are Tough

Lottery Advertising: The Pathology of Hope

A Nation in Debt: How We Killed Thrift, Enthroned Loan Sharks and Undermined American Prosperity

U.S. Department of Justice Links Gambling and Crime Among Arrestees

Exploring the Limits of Responsible Gambling: Harm Minimization or Consumer Protection?

Lottery Revenue Comes Largely From People Already Receiving Government Support

Citizens Are Not Adapting to Availability of Predatory Gambling But They Are Adapting to Losing More Money Than Ever Before

The Message of Government at the Time of “The Greatest Generation”

Women Embezzlers Increasing Across Nation

Video Lottery and Treatment for Pathological Gambling: A Natural Experiment in South Dakota

Study shows citizens reduce their spending on key household items when they play the lottery

Predatory Gambling Has More of a History of Corruption Than Any Other Business

Having Multiple Versions of the Same Slot Machine Game May Impact Problem Gambling

One-Fifth of Parents Reported Buying a Lottery Ticket for Their Children

The Lottery is a tax, an inefficient, regressive, and exploitive tax

Oregon Cutting Vital Programs, But Still Spending Nearly $9 Million on Lottery Advertising

Lotteries Hurt the Economic Security and Well-Being of the State’s Families

State Lotteries and Consumer Behavior

State Revenues from Predatory Gambling are Totally Dependent on Problem Gamblers

Fair Game: Producing Gambling Research

He Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune with Gambling Research

Big Problems with Gambling Research

Study finds homeless are 9 times more likely to become gambling addicts

Expansion of Casinos Increases the Risk of Children Becoming Addicted Gamblers Later On in Life

Music and sound effects contribute to why you keep losing at slot machines

New Ohio Lottery ad promotes the “fun” of scratch tickets

The lower your income, the more likely you are to play the Lottery

Florida Lottery shuts down more stores after fraud allegations

Study finds that disadvantaged youth may be more likely to become problem gamblers

Oregon Lottery’s claim about its advertising is false, says Politifact

Link found between problem gambling and family violence

Lottery winning streak raises questions

Discover just how much the lotteries are taxing everyone who buys a ticket

The Big Swindle- the poor are the biggest losers in state lotteries according to Cornell study

Report shows the bias in years of casino industry-funded research

Investigating the Lottery’s “luckiest woman”

Massachusetts Lottery takes from poor to give to rich

Poorer Massachusetts communities receive disproportionately low aid from lottery

Why adolescents are biologically more susceptible to problem gambling

Study spotlights the link between homelessness and problem gambling

College students and problem gambling

The issue of dischargeability of gambling debt grows in severity

The libertarian argument against government-sponsored casinos

North Carolina Lottery does not provide promised education funds

Political influence of gambling interests in Illinois grows due to lack of strong regulation

Report examines how gambling research is funded

Report shows staggering costs of problem gambling

Oklahoma lottery produces disappointing results

The link between poverty and lottery sales is undeniable

Much of lottery revenue comes from those already receiving government subsidies

Gambling winnings, even when offset by losses, cost seniors more than you would think

Arizona lottery revenue may not be going where promised

Addicts make up nearly 50% of Alberta’s gambling revenue

New York schools see stagnant aid in face of rising lottery revenue

Illinois Lottery gains overwhelming majority of revenue from poorer areas

Survey of literature on the economics of lotteries

Investigation of Iowa Lottery shows improvements need to be made

Gambling is the deadliest addiction

Mega Failure: Why Lotteries Are A Bad Bet For State Budgets

Lotteries hurt winners, losers, and their communities

18 ways that state lotteries prey on the poor

10 reasons why lotteries are bad for the economy

Lottery tickets may soon be purchased with credit cards

Money for lottery tickets could be better spent on education

Facebook online casinos entice young people to gamble

Health Impacts of Gambling Expansion in Toronto

California Lottery provides 1% of education funding

Exploiting the Neuroscience of Internet Addiction

Louisiana State Government Has a Self-Inflicted Epidemic of Gambling Addiction

Facebook ‘creating a generation of gambling addicts because of site’s Las Vegas style games’

Lotteries seeking ways to sell lottery tickets at ATM machines

Frequent video gamers have brain differences, study finds

Gambling Nation: A Democracy of Risk for Risk’s Sake

Online lottery sales, meant to draw in younger gamblers, draw opposition

Children as young as 10 are battling serious gambling problems, a major study has revealed

Problem gambling is now considerably more common than alcohol dependence in the U.S

Lottery’s new ad team launches campaign

Uncertain Benefits, Hidden Costs: The Perils of State-Sponsored Gambling

‘Gamble responsibly’ is an ad, not a deterrent

Schools’ slices of lottery pie small, getting smaller in Oklahoma

Bloomberg News Releases “The Sucker Index”

The $50 Ticket: A Lottery Boon Raises Concern

Michigan lottery winner squandered $850,000

Australian Government Study Shows Predatory Gambling Costing Citizens $4.5 Billion Dollars Per Year, the Bulk of Costs Deriving from Video Slot Machines

The Definition of a Pathological Gambler

Economists Find That Gambling Revenue Comes At the Expense of Sales Tax Revenue

Nobel-Prize Winning Economist Paul Samuelson on Gambling

Mass. Lottery Officials Knew and Encouraged Manipulation of Game

The Definition of Addiction Changes

Bad Odds for Youth Gamblers

Government Study Reveals the Massive Cost of Problem Gambling

Lotteries Generate More Revenue Than Corporate Income Taxes in Some States

The Effects of Video Poker in South Carolina

Dopamine: Not About Pleasure But Its Anticipation

Predatory Gambling Interests Fund Their Own Science

Thrift or Debt: Which Direction is Right for Texas?

Survey Reveals Only 6% of Problem and Pathological Gambers Seek Help

More Access to Gambling Leads to More Suicides, Study Finds

By Misleading Players, Slot Machine Design Spurs Problem Gambling

Government’s Monopoly of Commercialized Gambling

Australia Attempting to End Electronic Gambling Machine Tricks

National Gambling Impact Study Commission Report

Predatory Gambling Negatively Affects Families

The Reverse Robin Hood Effect

West Virginia Legislature Votes to Fund State’s Racinos

Government-Run Gambling Bigger Than Organized Crime

Hitting Rock Bottom – West Virginia and the Problem Gambling Help Line

Money Laundering in Las Vegas

New York’s Latest Way of Enticing its Citizens to Lose Money

North Carolina Lottery Violates its Own State’s Lottery Advertising Laws

The Lottery: A New England Horror Story

Taylor Branch Speech at the Stop Predatory Gambling National Convention

Sleep-Deprived Citizens Are a Lucrative Profit Center for Gambling Operators

Public Health Leader Calls on Rhode Island Not to Create Even More Gambling Addicts

7% of Wisconsin Residents Are Now Addicted Gamblers

Taylor Branch on Democracy and Government-Sanctioned Gambling

One of the world’s largest accounting firms finds that gambling was the most common motivator of fraud

Study spotlights how the Lottery exploits ordinary citizens in California

Gamblers Stealing Millions to Feed Habit

Gambling Problems More Common than Drinking Problems

Piercey Estate v. Atlantic Lotto Corporation

Future Growth in Gambling Revenue Will Not Keep Pace With Tax Revenue or Spending

Poor People Spend 9% of Income on Lottery Tickets

Even The Casinos Call the Lottery Bad Policy

From Rags to Riches to Rags

Jackpot Winners Just as Likely to Go Bust

Montana Gambling Study Commission Report

Misrepresented Game Outcomes and Problem Gambling

Slot Machines: Distorted Player Views of Payback Percentages

The Design of Slots and the Implications for Problem Gamblers

Australia’s National Gambling Report

Texas Lottery Study Shows the Lottery Squeezing More Money Out of a Smaller Amount of People

Costs and Treatment of Pathological Gambling

Low Income Citizens Lose Higher Percentage of Money on Lotteries

The Relationship Between Crime and Electronic Gambling Expenditures

Report finds that 60% of gambling machine revenue was derived from problem gamblers

Timeline of Predatory Gambling

Natasha Schull writes about the design and technology behind electronic gambling machines in Washington Post

National Survey Shows Casinos, Slots and Lotteries Attract Youth Into an Addictive Habit

New York State government report reveals 1 in 5 adolescents facing a gambling problem

South Carolina Study Shows Households Earning Under $40K Make Up 54% of the Lottery’s Frequent Players

Report spotlights how gambling interests literally buy the ballot measure process across the US

Gambling Interests are the Most Powerful Political Force in America Today

The Failure to Regulate the Gambling Business Effectively: Incentives for Perpetual Non-Compliance

More Than 30% of Problem Gamblers Admitted to Stealing from the Workplace to Gamble or Pay Gambling Debts

Why Only a Tiny Percentage of Predatory Gambling Victims Seek Help

Hope and Hard Luck: Poorest Counties Lead State in Per Capita Lottery Sales

Gambling Addiction is Fastest Growing Addiction for Teens

Slot Machines Addict Victims Three Times Faster Than Other Forms of Gambling

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